Six Corporate Annual Reports

Looking back at one of the most hands-on publications ever — six consecutive issues of the UNFPA Annual Report. I combed through hundreds of country reports seeking stories, highlighted measurable results and interviewed key staff year after year. Had to let it go when my toddlers went from walking to running.

Financial inclusion in Bangladesh

More than 1.3 million micro-merchants operate in Bangladesh today. While individually their businesses are small, together they transact more than $18.42 billion annually and interact with millions of customers every day. Yet they are an underserved cash-based group largely left out of modern digital payments and other financial services.

UNFPA Supplies Annual Report

UNFPA Supplies is the only United Nations programme dedicated to family planning, and it is the world’s largest provider of donated contraceptives. I was happy to support the team again for a combination of writing and editing to showcase progress in the 2017 annual report, with a particular focus on strengthening supply chains to ensure availability of a choice of modern contraceptive methods.